The Lymphatic Clinic

An innovative approach to treating your Lymphatic System

Hows your Lymphatic Health?  Take The Test

  • Do you feel tired, run down, sluggish, stressed or suffer chronic immune disorders?
  • Do you get lactic acid build up in your muscles after exercise?
  • Do you suffer from recurring colds, infections, allergies or tonsillitis?
  • Do you suffer from irritable bowel or constipation?
  • Do you feel tired, run down, sluggish or stressed?
  • Do you have poor circulation, aches and pains?
  • Do you have cellulite, gain weight easily or find it hard to lose?
  • Do you have tender breast or breast lumps?
  • Do you suffer from fluid retention, swollen ankles, oedema or lymph oedema?
  • Do you have lower back pain, arthritis or inflammation?
  • Do you have post surgery swelling?
  • Do you have strong body odour?
  • Do you suffer from numbness or tingling in your arms or legs?
  • Do you have  breathing difficulties or snoring?
  • If you suffer from any of the above, The Lymphatic Clinic can help you begin your journey to health, vitality and recovery.

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