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What people are saying

“Over two years ago, I had breast cancer and three surgeries and radiation treatment for it. My body was full of toxins to say the least!

I’ve been going to see Joanne at The Lymphatic Clinic for almost a year now and every single time I look forward to my visit.  My body craves it and my soul appreciates it.  

Joanne is more than a therapist – she has the most intuitive and gentle disposition.  She drops pearls of wisdom in at the appropriate times so that more than your body is being nourished.  There are times when we yak and talk till our jaws are sore and other times when I’m quiet and soak up the restorative time of the treatment.

Joanne is discreet, sensitive to ‘where you’re at’ and is one of the most likable people I know.  She is dedicated and passionate about her clinic and seeing clients get well and heal. I know that she has gone beyond the lymphatic treatment  for me and researched other medications/therapy/supplements etc that could help my conditions I presented at the time – and I know she has been just as dedicated for her other clients.  She has the most wonderful ability to make you feel you’re the most precious person on the planet – and yet I know she does this to all her clients.  Very cool.

There has not been one visit where I have come away feeling anything other than nourished, energised and ‘flowing’. 

Joanne has been an important and special part of my healing journey and I have grown to love this beautiful little woman!  I’m sure you will too.”

Carolyn Kane

August 2015


The highlight of my week is my lymphatic massage with Joanne. It is relaxing and blissful as well as ensuring my lymphatic system remains in the best health possible. 

I learned of Joanne's expertise through word of mouth.  
Joanne is intuitive, has a delightful warm personality, an infectious laugh and her demeanour is always calm. 

She is insightful as to needs and possible treatment, always researching different theories to support and assist her practice. 

Joanne's work before, during and after surgery for cancer certainly ensured my speedy recovery and now I am convalescing extremely well. 

I highly recommend Joanne for personal and specialised treatment and care.

Anne Mackintosh


July 2015


In February I was referred to try out a Lymphatic Enhancement Treatment with Joanne Both at The Lymphatic Clinic in Tauranga.  At the time I had recently been diagnosed with Breast cancer and I'd just had my first chemo treatment the week prior.  I felt so unwell, I had to be driven there, however after the Lymphatic treatment, I felt amazing and felt I could have driven home!

From that first visit I was hooked - what Joanne does makes sense - to combat illness we all need a fit and healthy immune system and her treatment does just that.  We timed the treatments around my chemo (as chemo needs to be in the system for a week to do its thing but after that it can high tail itself outta my body thank you!).  

After chemo was surgery then radiotherapy and during all these conventional treatments, I supplemented them with regular treatments at the Lymphatic Clinic.

I am now cancer free and still go to the Lymphatic Clinic for maintenance visits - and I will continue to do so from now on.

Joanne is a breath of fresh air - she is extremely knowledgeable in Lymphatics, is a kind, caring healer and she will instantly make you feel relaxed. 

I have referred family & friends to Joanne because I believe in what she does - it works and thats all I need to know! 

So if you want to live a healthy lifestyle don't delay - call Joanne today!

Alana Dresner


June 2015



I first started seeing Joanne with my dog and cats for Lymph Enhancement treatments a year ago. I wanted to help my animal friends with clearing their systems after receiving anaesthetics for minor operations and various vaccinations. I was so amazed that this treatment is actually available and that it is indeed the first of its kind (animal lymphatic enhancement treatment) in the world.

Joanne has a natural instinct with critters and they seem to relax with her after she receives their permission to work with them. 

As a result of the treatments from Joanne my friends are healthy, shiny-coated, clear-eyed and loving life.

Naturally I was intrigued and so decided to have some treatments myself. 

I am a fit and healthy woman with no medical history to speak of.  My intention is to remain this way. I understand the importance of the lymph and how essential it is to maintain a healthy system. 

My experience has been one of relaxation and I can actually feel the shift in my body. In some cases, after treatments my body has purged and I have come ‘back to earth’ feeling relaxed yet energized.

I thoroughly recommend Joanne as a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist. She has a gentle nature and a way of making you feel not only vital and healthy but safe and at ease.   

Jules Bly

Exquisite Couture Limited

September 2013


Testimonial for the work of Joanne Booth at The Lymphatic Clinic

My lymphatic system had become clogged up with years of emotional mis-management, resulting in a toxic build up through suppressed feelings.   Pain and swelling in my hips and knees also stopped me moving around easily.

The systematic and gentle nurturing treatment, that Joanne gives at her clinic, has released many of these built up toxins that had accumulated.  It is like having a jolly good "inner" spring clean with a "brand new" vacuum cleaner!!

The pain and swelling in my knees and ankles have reduced markedly and the hip pain that I once felt, is now nearly non-existent. And as well as this, my blood pressure is lower and much more stable, since I began this treatment. 

After every session I come away feeling uplifted, filled with vital energy, lighter, brighter, sparkly and feeling "on top of the world"! 

I can heartily recommend this treatment to anyone seeking to improve their health.  I can see that it is gently assisting my body to be restored  to radiant health and it is  enhancing  my well being. 

NB: I find it  better than 3 glasses of red wine,  and I love red wine and know it's benefits!!    

Annie Rae


July 2012