The Lymphatic Clinic

An innovative approach to treating your Lymphatic System

Your Appointment, what to expect

Joanne Booth The Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) Practitioner uses a unique combination of gentle manual stimulation techniques and the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion ® transmission heads directly to the skin.

This gentle, non-invasive and very relaxing procedure appears to work faster and deeper than manual techniques used alone.

With just three or four treatments, a significant change can occur using the unique combination of manual stimulation and the technically advanced Lymphstar Pro/Fusion®, a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument, designed to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, through direct application to the body.  

The Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Practitioner will talk to you about self-care techniques and dietary advice.

Your Appointment 

It is important that you don't wear any body lotion, antiperspirant or perfume when you come to your appointment as these can disrupt the therapist ability to feel what is happening.