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Adrenal/Kidney Function


Rarely do we get any nutritional advice for the benefit of our  kidneys.  Your kidneys are the most important organ for controlling your fluid balance.  If you had no kidneys, all the fluid you drink would  accumulate in your blood and around your body cells, and all the waste products normally excreted by your kidneys would stay inside you and poison you. 

Kidney stress over many years can lead to kidney damage and to a constant reduction of their ability to siphon excess fluid  out of your body.  The major causes of kidney stress include eating too much sodium, sugar, protein or fat and a deficiency of B6 and the minerals magnesium and selenium. 

All the blood in the body passes through your kidneys about twenty times an hour.  Your kidney’s job is to filter your blood, removing excess fluid and the waste substances dissolved in it and sending it to your bladder from where it is eventually released as urine.


Our adrenal glands provide us with crucial hormonal support that we all need to go through the day with energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency.   If your adrenals are depleted from chronic overproduction you are much more likely to suffer from fatigue and in women, menopausal symptoms.

The adrenals are the body’s primary ‘shock absorber’. They are two little  thumb size glands that sit on top of your kidneys and are designed to produce hormones that allow you to respond to your daily life.

Here are the signs that your adrenals may need attention:

  • You awaken feeling groggy and have difficulty getting out of bed;
  • You can’t get going without that first cup of coffee:
  • You rely on sugary snacks and caffeine to get you through the day;
  • You are particularly tired late afternoon;
  • At night, though exhausted, you have difficulty falling asleep;
  • You wonder what happened to your interest in sex.

Adrenal dysfunction usually comes about as a result of chronic  emotional, nutritional, or other kinds of stress.  It is when the  frequency of the stresses in your life, from inside yourself (thoughts/ideas),  or outside yourself (surgery or working night shift), become too great, so over time your adrenal glands will become exhausted.

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy assists you by improving kidney function as well as educating you in dietary advice and self-care that can assist you to support both kidney and adrenal health.  Lymphatic Enhancement therapy stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the relaxation part of your autonomic nervous system, thus assisting the adrenal system in slowing down.